White Sands National Monument offers an unusual and unique look at nature's quirks. Gypsum eroded over time built up into incredible white sand dunes. Plant life had to adapt, which it did to some degree. It is worth the effort to go to SW New Mexico to see this remarkable monument.
A quick trip to Dublin, Ireland for a photography workshop.
Head out for the best riding, accommodations and food you will ever get!
A photo workshop in November in the Glencoe, Isle of Skye and Loch Lomond regions was quite successful. The heather still had color. Sun rises and sun sets gave both brilliant and subtle colors as well. Late fall visits will reward you with landscapes that have the density and color of oils.
This year the dry conditions left a lot of typical Colorado leaves dry. A lot fell prematurely. There was still some really good scenes including a very rough, narrow & rocky road on the Schofield Pass road to the Crystal River mill.
These mountain scenes in the northern Himalayas are spectacular and unlike any you will see elsewhere. They are even more impressive when you ride through them on a motorcycle.
Manali is a very busy, sometimes filthy, usually with lots of construction city that seems to welcome European and American hippies, or flower children.


Ancient art & architecture continues to influence India today.
Roads in the Himalayas are dangerous & unforgiving. Meet a truck incorrectly and it is 1,000' straight off the edge into a roaring river. River crossings are also dangerous with one river that had 6 separate streams all about 24" deep, on a 20+ degree slope and in jagged rocks. I made it but a construction truck did not and was on its side in the river. The temples were over 1,000 years old. The artwork did not evolve in the distant past to the present.
I started a two week + trip in the Himalayas riding a Royal Enfield Himalayan 441 c.c., 450 lb. 25 HP motorcycle. It was capable for the roads and speeds we went. The roads were OK to treacherous and very dangerous. Included in these roads were miles of rocks, rock ledges, mud, streams and steep up and down hills. One river had 6 streams to cross, all about 24" deep, and on a 20+ degree slope and in jagged and broken rock. A construction truck was knocked off the path and was on its side. I made it. The trip started in Manali and ended in Leh. We rode over 900 miles. Cell phones were used for most of the pictures given the time constraints (120 kilo9meters in some cases took 4.5 hours to complete). My friend BJ Wallen contributed several pictures, especially ones of your author. I will start with Manali and continue from there.
The harsh Alaska winters limit the number of plants & animals that can survive. Those that do are robust.


Denali sighting was exciting


Want to see a lot of wild Alaska not available from the highways? Take Alaska Rail!
Irish literature is extensive and reaches back to ancient legends. Modern literature is incredibly varied and complex. One way to celebrate is to head to the Palace Bar for a Beamish stout. This bar was frequented by W. B. Yeats, James Joyce and Samuel Becket among many others.
Trinity College in Dublin has classical late 18th and 19th century architecture. A walking tour takes you through part of modern Irish history as well. Highlights are the entrance and the library. The library houses the ancient Book of Kells as well as the (probably) 15th century Brian Boru harp.
The rugged Irish coast storms the digital canvas in the early spring. They whip around you and your camera as well. One is certainly surrounded by nature.
Western Ireland in the spring can be an intensely charged landscape. Rain. Mist. Sun rises & sun sets. Swaths of a variety of greens adds to the mysterious pulse of the land.
Tulips Tell the Story
Some photos of the park to entice you to hike.
The monument is being destroyed. Please view the images to get an idea of what will be lost forever.
A quick trip to the south island of New Zealand quickly showed why this island is used in cinema as well as in advertising. The landscape is dramatic.
Photos from Clinton State Park