White Sands National Monument


White Sands National Monument offers an unusual and unique look at nature's quirks.  Gypsum eroded over time built up into incredible white sand dunes.  Plant life had to adapt, which it did to some degree.  It is worth the effort to go to SW New Mexico to see this remarkable monument.


These are the most common plant in White Sands NM.

Dunes & Plants

The plants adapt to the conditions.  This area gets about 10" of rain a year.

Cottonwood & Dunes

Cottonwood trees do well here in some secluded spots with some runoff helping them survive.

Dune Shapes

Sand dunes vary their surface shapes depending on wind and the little bit of moisture they get.  Wind can wipe footprints off in one day.


These hardy plants survive everything short of being buried in sand.

Dunes After Sunset

These dunes have remarkable shapes showing up after sunset.


These plants survive until they are buried.  This plant made for an interesting composition with a blue shadow.