Dublin, Ireland


Flew to Dublin, Ireland for a black and white photography workshop.  At the end was a dramatic seminar with four photographers showing their work & talking about their techniques.  Two of them were from Oregon.

Samuel Beckett Bridge Detail

A detail of the Samuel Beckett Bridge.  Constructed to emulate the traditional Irish harp.

Samuel Beckett Bridge Detail

More of the structural details of the bridge showing the harp like character.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

A look at the entire bridge with the Dublin Convention Center in the background.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

An early morning view of the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

Dublin Convention Center

The front of the Dublin Convention Center.  The downtown area along the grand canal has been completely transformed in the past 10 years with new construction.

Dublin Ireland old government building

A look across the grand canal at the old government building.

Old government building detail

The old government building & its reflection in the grand canal.

Seacoast just off of Dublin, Ireland

A view of Dublin bay looking out at Napoleonic era fortifications.

Dublin Bay

A look at the bay near Dalkey, Ireland