Scotland in November


A waterfall & mountain near Glencoe, Scotland in early morning light.

Castle Ruin, Loch Awe

The reflection came at a brief calm moment between rain storms with snow on the peaks.


This cottage is typical of the older farm house style.

MacDonald Castle

Iconic castle near Ft. William, Scotland

Waterfall & mountains, Isle of Skye

Late evening light in a beautiful setting between rain storms.

Old Bridge

This bridge, built around 1850, is near the present main highway on the Isle of Skye.

Old Man of Storr

A known landscape on the Isle of Skye shot from a remote location after hiking in.  The pastels in the early morning light are almost transparent.  The light makes the scene harmonious.

Scottish Deer

These highland deer were unafraid of photographers.  They were as curious about us as we were of them.  The landscape has enchanting fall colors.

Isle of Skye's mountains

A view of northern Skye from atop one of the mountain ridges in early morning.