Himalayan Cities


The market is full of people (sometimes doing dangerous things like cleaning windows 5 floors up by crawling out on the downward sloping ledge), lots of stray dogs and a few cats.  Motorcycles and scooters are everywhere.

Ancient farm house in the city

Natural building materials.


Anyone can rent a bike to get around on & it is more useful than a car for the narrow streets and lack of parking.

Manali Temple

Named for the god Mali this temple is about 1,000 years old.

Parking in Manali

Lack of parking doesn't deter Indians.

Street scene

A busy corridor of commerce.  Women in saris added to the color.

Dogs in Manali

Dogs find a place to rest among the parked scooters and motorcycles.  Dogs were everywhere.

OSHA Approved?

Want your windows cleaned 5 floors up?  Not a problem.

More Bikes

Even the police have motorcycles.  These look worn and tired.  Not sure they could run down a scooter.