Himalayan Scenes

9/11/2018 7:52:58 AM

Spiti Valley road.

Himalayan River

Rivers are sometimes braided and sometimes roaring cascades.  We crossed one such braided river.

Himalayan Road

Roads sometimes lack all safety devices, are broken asphalt or gravel or at times just torn up with hunks of large rocks in the surface.  It is a long way down to the river....

Remote India

A shot of a drier, higher part of the Himalayas.

Rainy Part of the Himalayas

There are apple orchards here.  Getting to the farm houses and fields takes strong legs.

Camp Site

A more luxurious, remote camp site.  At least the bathroom fixtures didn't wobble or leak.  The mountain behind the camp is straight up.  It has a string of prayer flags at the very top that someone put there.

Nako valley

A panorama shot of the mountains & valley by BJ Wallens.  I enhanced it some.

ChanderTal Lake

Another BJ Wallens shot I really worked over in Photoshop.  Alpine glow in the Himalayas!  This was a remote lake.  We camped by it.  13,500'.  Height was beat by another camp that was at 14,500'.