Indian Himalayan Mountains By Motorcycle


Our riders at about 18,000'.

Heading up the steep incline with about 120 switchbacks.

A view of Manila from the mountains.  BJ Wallens photo.

The most dangerous road in the world and it certainly qualifies.  Meet a truck coming the other way?  You have to scoot to the edge and that is without guard rails and is 1,000' feet straight down into a roaring river.

Another view of dangerous travel (which is fun, BTW).  Again a BJ Wallens photo.

Self explanatory.

This sign expresses over 1,000 years of prejudice.

Mountain Pass

At one of the many high passes.

Road Stop

At one of the many scenic roadside views.  This was just after a 6 kilometer "road" that was more an off road track than road.  After fighting that muddy, rocky road we took a break.