Bear's Ears National Monument


83% of Bear's Ears National Monument has been erased by the Trump administration.  It is wide open to exploitation by extractive industries, mainly coal, oil and gas.  The areas affected have some of America's most beautiful wild places, archeological ruins as well as incredible wilderness experiences including extensive hiking trails.  Strip mining coal will forever change the landscape.  Other extractive industries will alter it as well.  Here are some pictures of what could be lost, damaged or desecrated.  Indian art destroyed.  Ancient ruins reduced to rubble.  The landscape altered.  And, as usually occurs with claims being granted, exclusion of everyone else including hikers and off-road access to places of great beauty.

Bear's Ears.

Alcove sheltering House on Fire (main image).

Greetings from 1,000 to 3,000 years ago.  Painted on roof of overhang in sheltered ruin.

Kokopelli.  Probably fertility character.  Trickster.  Musician.

Ruin on Cedar Mesa, now de-listed.

Overlook into Cedar Mesa canyon from ruin.

Red cactus bloom.

Yellow cactus bloom.

Cedar Mesa, the 7 sailors, in the Valley of the Gods.

Valley of the Gods, now delisted.